Yoga Pose For Stress Relief: Juliana Spicoluk Boho Beautiful

Image Source: Courtesy of Martina Gebarovska Juliana Spicoluk knows that the stress of everyday life can manifest in physical ways — and she's a pro at relieving the body of that burden through yoga. The cocreator of the Boho Beautiful brand, whose YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers, is...

Register for MedCity INVEST and learn how Covid-19 has shaken up investment trends

Our annual INVEST conference will be held as a virtual event this year. We will highlight the seismic changes in healthcare from July 20-24 and spotlight top startups and growth stage companies. We will also explore how hospitals and payers are addressing the challenges of the coronavirus public health crisis with digital health tools and investment trends. Check out...

These Videos of People Coming Out on TikTok Are So Amazing

Jason Derulo's song "Get Ugly" has taken on a whole new life on TikTok in the past few months. Rather than use the popular song for dances or challenges on the social media platform, LGBTQ+ TikTokers are using it to come out to friends and family, and the videos will make you emotional...

At Home Abs and Upper Body Workout – Bodyweight Only Upper Body and Core Workout

At home upper body workout workout to build muscle and burn fat @ This is a no equipment upper body and abs workout you can do ... source