Heart healthy tips for women from Lorina Marshall-Blake

IBX VP of Community Affairs and IBC Foundation president Lorina Marshall-Blake shares a simple way for women to keep their heart healthy. Connect With ... source

Loose 8 pounds|~4 kgs in 30 days with Indian diet plan

Hi, I personally tried this diet plan for a month and I lost 8 pounds of weight. I hope this video will be helpful for people to loose weight in a healthy way without ... source

HIIT Those ABS Workout! | No Equipment Strong Girl Workout – The Strong Movement

Ailis leads you through a full-body, high intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio and ab workout! Workout with Ailis in real-time and tone your muscles and entire ... source

The Evolution Of Health & Fitness With Eric Edmeades – Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer

Once you recondition your mind, it will be effortless to stay in incredible shape. Join our free masterclass about The Evolution Of Health & Fitness ... source

English: Excercise the right way in four different ways with Alexandra Charles

By improving your strength and balance you reduce fall and fall injury risks. In the film Alexandra Charles demonstrates four ways to train in everyday situations. source

Living In My Pickup: A Sober/Healthy Month

I have been living in my truck for 17 months now. This month I decided to give up booze and sweets for 30 days. This video will show you how I prepare healthy ... source

Women's health tips

Dr. Angela Marshall, director of Comprehensive Women's Health in Silver Spring, MD, discusses with CNN the importance of women taking care of themselves. source

What to eat on a 1500 Calories Indian diet plan|Indian meal plan of 1500 cal for females( vegan)

What to eat on a 1500 Calories Indian diet plan|Indian meal plan of 1500 cal for females( vegan) Losing weight is a mind game,change your mind change your ... source

Total AB Workout for Women

Women workout to tone and define your ABS at home. Body weight exercises to burn abdominal fat and get a flat stomach. Total ab workout to lose belly fat and ... source

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