10 Minute Abs Blaster | The Body Coach

This is a great workout to get your abs working and strengthening your core. You can do it at the end of a HIIT or on it's own if you only have 10 minutes to spare. source

Try The Fitness Marshall’s “Rain on Me” Cardio Workout

Dance cardio workouts never fail to lift our heart rates and put us in a good mood, especially when they're coming from The Fitness Marshall, and especially when they're set to a track we already can't get out of our heads. Right now, that's "Rain on Me," and TFM's routine to the song...

Report household & income changes all year

Image: {Young man sits at computer to report a life change online}
Has your family, job, or income changed this year? If you're currently enrolled in a 2019 Marketplace plan and experience household changes, update your application as soon as possible. These changes could impact your health coverage or the savings you’re getting. What types of changes to report Changes that affect your family size, like getting...

The Advice My Dad Gave Me When I Was Depressed

When I was in college, I was diagnosed with depression. I had suspected that I had depression as a teenager, but chalked it up to hormones and teenage angst. As I got older, things got considerably worse, and I found myself feeling sad and struggling with suicidal ideation. I sought therapy and medication...