Livongo, Hinge Health, and a handful of other digital health companies will join CVS Health’s platform for PBM clients. CVS announced it would add five companies to its Point Solutions Management Service, a service it launched last year to make it easier for CVS Caremark clients to contract with third-party apps and monitor their performance.

“Plan sponsors increasingly see the value in health care point solutions for improving workforce productivity, satisfaction and overall well-being, however with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to identify trusted solutions that best meet the needs of their members,” CVS Caremark CMO Dr. Sree Chaguturu said in a news release

He added that the company had analyzed pharmacy and medical claims, and conducted an evaluation of each solution to ensure each of the recommended apps are safe and effective.

CVS is adding five companies to its platform, including:

  • Hinge Health, a digital health startup that helps users with back pain, joint pain or other musculoskeletal conditions to receive virtual coaching. Users receive a wearable sensor that allows coaches to guide users through exercises and ensure they’re doing them properly. The company recently raised $90 million in funding.
  • Hello Heart, a startup that helps users understand and improve their heart health. They are sent a connected blood pressure monitor that syncs with an app to give users blood pressure readings, and sends them medication reminders and alerts during exercise for out-of-range hypertension.
  • Livongo, a digital health startup for diabetes management that went public last year. Livongo sends users scales, blood glucometers and blood pressure monitors that connect with its app. It also offers health coaching for its user. The company currently offers solutions for management of diabetes, hypertension and weight management, as well as diabetes prevention.
  • Torchlight, a caregiver support solution to help families handle the financial, social, health and legal complexities of caring for a loved one. It provides users with advice and helps them connect to experts across the U.S.
  • Whil, a mindfulness and meditation app. The company offers users 5-minute daily sessions and more than 250 mini-courses. It also has recorded video and audio sessions with tips and exercises to help employees improve their health and happiness.

CVS said it plans to add more digital health solutions in the future, including in weight loss, women’s health, mental health, and other categories.

Photo credit: CVS Health

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