NADAL Covid-19 Antigen test

In many places, uncertainty is now mixed in with the anticipation of Christmas: will Christmas be a “super spreader event” as many politicians are warning? “No”, Roland Meissner, the CEO of nal von minden in Moers, Germany is convinced: “you can protect your relatives as best as possible by getting tested for corona beforehand.” There are also tips to minimize the risk of corona during the actual festivities.

Although this year less guests will come for Christmas, you don’t want to expose them to any danger either. A corona rapid test can quickly provide clarity and can be carried out immediately before the festivities. The result is available within 15 minutes. “A corona rapid test would be recommended for everyone before Christmas”, says Roland Meissner. “Especially if you want to spend the festive season with older relatives such as grandparents as they belong to the at risk group.”

NADAL Covid-19 Antigen test

NADAL Covid-19 Antigen test

According to Meissner, it is important to pay attention to the high quality of the rapid tests because only then is the result conclusive. For example, the NADAL Covid-19 Antigen test from nal von minden GmbH has a diagnostic specificity of over 99.9 per cent and a diagnostic sensitivity of 97.56 per cent. Specificity means that all healthy people who are tested are recognized as healthy. Sensitivity means that all sick people are also recognized as sick.

Until now the test could only be carried out by a medical professional. Now, in many places, it is being discussed whether citizens could carry out a self-test. However, the legislation of individual EU countries does not yet fully allow for this. Meissner believes that such “self-tests” are reasonably unproblematic: “the citizens should not be underestimated. Most people would be able to perform the corona rapid responsibly at home. They can do the same with a pregnancy test. The corona rapid test is not much more complicated than that.”

The corona rapid test is not the only recommended measure to be able to spend Christmas corona-free.

The best tips:

  • Perform a rapid test beforehand
  • Only invite one person
  • Air the room regularly
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Keep distance to one another at the table
  • If necessary, also wear a mask at home
  • Don’t just stay inside, take a walk together
  • Video call those who couldn’t attend
  • It is also possible to virtually play games with more than one person who couldn’t attend
  • It is best to avoid any visits if you have any cold symptoms

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