Superfoods To Get Rid of Bad Breath – Say Goodbye To Halitosis!
Superfoods To Get Rid of Bad Breath – Say Goodbye To Halitosis!

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Whether you’ve heading for a first date, a business meeting, or an important job interview, halitosis — the technical term for bad breath — can make quite a bad impression. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of foods that can not only fend off bad breath naturally and effectively but also nourish and rebalance the natural oral ecology of the mouth. 

Add these delicious and nutritious foods to your everyday diet to clear out those bacteria in the mouth — and kick halitosis to the curb.



An apple a day can not only keep the doctor away; it can also help keep that after-meal smelliness at bay.

This crunchy fruit helps produce saliva, which cleans out the odour-producing bacteria in your mouth.

According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science, apples can assist to neutralise the odours created by raw garlic.

Furthermore, because they’re high in fibre, they work as natural toothbrushes while you eat.


Probiotic yoghurt

Yoghurt with probiotics contains good bacteria and helps reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide which is a key compound that causes bad breath.

A study from the International Associations for Dental Research found that eating yoghurt as part of your daily diet helps lower levels of bacteria-causing compounds.


Parsely and basil

Frequently used as garnishes, both these herbs contain polyphenols, natural chemicals that can provide a fresher odour to your breath.

Parsley and basil are chock full of nutrients that help to squelch the sulphur that builds in the mouth when eating garlic-laden foods.

So the next time, when you are eating a dish heavy in spices like garlic, consider adding some parsley and basil to nip halitosis in the bud.



Eating either sweet or tart cherries can counteract the effects of eating foods containing methyl mercaptan, a bad-breath-causing gas that occurs naturally in foods, including onions.

Studies have shown that this sweet and tangy fruit makes the environment unfavourable for the growth of foul smell producing bacteria, thereby leading to a lovely and fragrant mouth.


Green tea

Green tea is loaded with an array of benefits, and the most important of all is its effectiveness in reducing oral malodour.

Studies have shown that as compared to other foods, it has the highest potential to reduce the concentration of volatile sulphur compounds (one of the major causes of bad breath). 



When it comes to keeping your breath smelling fresh, the pleasant smell of cinnamon is your best bet to cover up some of the worst bad breath.

In fact, according to a highly cited clinical study, cinnamon sticks can reduce the bacteria-causing compounds in your mouth that are the building blocks of bad breath. 


Citrus fruits

When it comes to the biggest bad breath deodoriser, citrus fruits sit at the top of the list. Citrus fruits create an inhospitable environment for bacteria.

As an added bonus, they also help prevent halitosis-causing gingivitis and other oral health issues.

Ward off morning breath with a shot of an orange or lemon into a glass of water.



The healing power of ginger is well-known, and they’re also among the more naturally cleansing foods out there.

Ginger contains a highly effectively odour-fighting compound 6-gingerol that cleanses the palette.

This substance that is found in abundance in ginger triggers the production of enzymes that neutralise sulphur compounds.



Water is always a great way to stave off bad breath. It not only keeps you well-hydrated, but it naturally rinses away food particles and dead cells — and makes your mouth a less hospitable breeding ground for breath-causing bacteria.



Mint leaves can work wonders in neutralizing bad breath by halting germ build-up immediately.

Like parsley and basil, the polyphenols in mint leaves have been found to be highly effective in fighting bad-breath-causing bacteria.


Final thoughts

Bad breath has a negative effect on interpersonal relationships, creates psychological barriers, and disconnects a person from their social environment and intimate relationships. The good news is that stinky breath often can be easily masked by eating the right foods.

As an add-on, make a habit of taking preventive health checkups as they can help you in getting a complete insight into your health. This will also help you with taking measures to promote your overall well-being. 


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