Real Life Benefits of Exercise & Physical Activity
Real Life Benefits of Exercise & Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity aren’t just good for your mind and body, it can help you stay active and mobile as you age! Regularly including all 4 types of exercise will give you a wide range of real-life benefits.

Endurance activities help you:

  • Keep up with your grandchildren during a trip to the park.
  • Dance to your favorite songs at the next family wedding.
  • Rake the yard and bag up the leaves.

Strength training will make it easier to:

  • Lift your carry-on bag into the overhead bin of the airplane.
  • Carry groceries in from the car.
  • Pick up bags of mulch.

Balance exercises help you:

  • Turn around quickly when you’re on a walk and hear a bicycle bell behind you.
  • Walk along a cobblestone path without losing your balance.
  • Stand on tiptoe to reach something on a top shelf.

Flexibility exercises make it easier to:

  • Bend down to tie your shoes.
  • Look over your shoulder as you’re backing out of the driveway.
  • Stretch to clean hard to reach areas of the house.

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