Cozy drinks definitely don’t end with the holiday season! Winter is long, and we love keeping the warm vibes going with flavorful coffees, which is why we were so excited when Starbucks recently announced one of its newest beverages: the new Pistachio Latte. But as with any new product, we had one question: is it actually good? We tried the Pistachio Latte and can happily report that it’s absolutely delicious.

Nutty and comforting in just the right way, the Pistachio Latte’s unique flavor profile blends perfectly with whatever milk you choose. Although I was surprised by it at first — this latte definitely has a strong pistachio flavor — I appreciated how different it was and grew to like it more and more as I continued to drink it. It reminded me of pistachio gelato but almost felt like drinking (a nuttier) milky hot chocolate.

The latte boasts a creamy pistachio sauce that’s blended with espresso, too, so you’ll still be able to get that jolt of energy for your morning to-dos (I know I needed it!). And the Pistachio Latte’s best part is its Salted Brown Butter Cookie Flavored Topping — it is REALLY good. I wish Starbucks sold the topping on its own, because I would put it on everything. Salty, sweet, and with the deep flavor of browned butter, this cookie-like topping is everything I ever wanted on top of my latte.

If you prefer to keep things cold, you can also order the latte iced or in Frappuccino form. All in all, the Pistachio Latte is a fun flavor alternative I’ll definitely be ordering again.

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