Is your Height a Factor while Buying Exercise Equipment? The reply to this question is a resounding “YES”. Most exercise machines are designed with the consideration of tall people in mind. The height factor should therefore be paramount in deciding what size of equipment to purchase.

Short people’s height is classified within the range of 5ft 3in and below. Selecting workout equipment for such persons is quite tasking. An elliptical for a short person for instance should have a minimal stride length of not more than 18 inches to avoid causing strain on your joints. Also, the handle bars should not be too high to prevent you from over-stretching your arms.

Another reason why your height should come into play while purchasing an exercise equipment is the storage space available for the machine. Your ceiling may be lower than the size of the equipment and you will not want to cause any damage to your building. Your basement may also be the only space you have to keep the equipment. Hence, you must opt for a compact machine that can fit properly to allow for your towering height if you are tall.

Here is a list of factors below to give you an insight into what you need to consider before buying exercise equipment depending on your height.

Stride Length

A stride length is the longest distance between each pedal or foot. For a tall person whose height is above 5ft 7in, the appropriate stride length of any gym equipment is from 18 inches and above. The elliptical for a short person has a stride length of between 13-18 inches.Tall people have longer legs, and of course longer strides. Exercise machines in the gym or at home can be adjusted to accommodate varying heights of users.

Shorter people should not be discouraged about their height. Everyone needs to get in shape whether tall or short. Exercise is not limited by height so if you find yourself classified as a short person don’t panic. Most equipment give room for people like you and you can find elliptical for a short person designed for someone like you available on the market.


An exercise equipment needs to be kept safe while not in use. Ensure you purchase a machine that you can easily fold and stash away after use especially if you are planning to use it at home. At the gym, there is normally a dedicated space for every equipment but you may want an elliptical or a treadmill for home use.

The ellipticalfor a short person is compact for easy storage which could easily pass for a teenager’s equipment because of its portable size. It is also convenient for you to mount it without any help when you want to work-out. It is very mobile and lightweight with no difficulty in operation.


Every work-out machine has a specific size which depends on your height as a user. If you are a tall person, you will need to go for a higher and longer equipment. This will suit your body size and prevent you from sustaining cramps in your groin area, legs, and arms. It will also avoid excessive pressure from being exerted on the machine.

For a short person, a low-sized machine will be a better choice. The length and height must be lower than that of tall people. Its handle bars should also be lower. A high handle bar will not give you the comfort you deserve if you are short. You will tend to exert so much energy in operating the equipment and this shouldn’t be the case.

LCD Display

This is the visual panel that automatically stores your settings for each work-out session. It tells you how much time you spent during every session and how many calories burnt. The feedback you get from this console is very useful for tracking your progress regularly.

The position where this console is situated on the machine is important. This will help you decide which equipment is convenient for your height. If you are tall, it shouldn’t be too low because you will not feel comfortable bending too low to view the display. Likewise, a short person should opt for an equipment that has its console positioned not too high to avoid straining their neck while trying to read the information displayed.


While performing exercise, whether at home or at the gym, it is recommended that you should feel relaxed. Your training outfit must be comfortable to give room for proper ventilation. Your footwear must also not be too tight or oversized. You are also advised to come along with a bottle of water for hydration while working out.

Most equipment have cooling fans, bottle holders and USB ports for music. The position of these attachments is a factor that is determined by your height. Ensure you check their positions to be sure they match your height and reach before you purchase any machine.

What you may consider a luxury or unimportant is very useful for your convenience. The time you spend on the equipment during every session depends on how comfortable you feel. Hydrating yourself from time to time with your bottle of water handy while listening to your favorite tracks will make you want to go on and on without sweating or gasping for air.


Purchasing exercise equipment is not a cheap venture. Therefore, you need to put in a lot of consideration before investing in one. Don’t just order any equipment and expect it to meet your requirements. If you can, visit the shop yourself and test the available machines on display before buying one.

You don’t want to end up with a machine that will cause you injuries rather than keep you fit. The outlined factors above will surely assist you in deciding which equipment is the most suitable for your height.

Make a summarized list of what I have discussed on this page and take it along while you go out to buy your exercise equipment. It will serve as a guide.






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